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Customer notice

Family Fun Swim 25/11/23

Due to a private booking the Family Fun Swim on Saturday 25/11/23 will not be taking place. 

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause
Kind regards


Information and Pool Admissions

  • Swimmer ratio, 3yrs and under- one to one and 4 - 7 years- two to one.

  • If parent/guardian wish to bring three children aged between 4 - 7 then one of the three children must be able to swim 25m and tread water for 30 seconds without rest.

  • Lane Swim- Lanes will be available and swimmers must be able to swim consecutive lengths. One lane may be closed to suit operational requirements.

  • Public Swim- Lanes and an open swim area. One lane may be closed to suit operational requirements.

  • Family Fun Swim- Pool noodles, small floats and balls provided. One lane may be closed to suit operational requirements.

  • Pool Party- Under 8’s and over 8’s pool party slot available, please enquire at reception.

  • Swimmers must pay or produce their vailed membership card at reception. Receipt must then be handed to the lifeguard.

  • Mega Wacky Waters- Big Inflatable-Must be 8yrs and be able to swim 2 lengths (50m) to go on the big inflatable.

  • No snorkels or flippers allowed.

  • No glass to be allowed on poolside all bottles must be plastic. Goggles/mask must be plastic or rubber. Spectacles must be of tempered or plastic lenses (customers to wear at own risk) Specific individual risk assessment can be completed upon request.

  • All infants in nappies must wear disposable swim pants in the pool.

  • Booking is required for Fit Aqua and Jog Aqua classes.

  • Times are subject to change.

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