Trilogy Active controls the use of photographic/recording equipment under guidelines to, where reasonably possible, restrict the potential for misuse.  In all cases where Trilogy Active has allowed photography, the personal preferences of any subjects take precedence. Trilogy Active takes a zero-tolerance approach to reports of inappropriate photography and will not hesitate to call the police or other relevant authorities to resolve issues. 

What’s Allowed? 

Any and all photographs taken for non-commercial personal reasons provided they do not break any of the ‘What’s not allowed?’ rules. Customers must respect the preferences of other customers and staff when taking photos. 
Photos should only capture the intended subject, the person who has given permission and no others in the background/ within the photo i.e. other participants, spectators, or coaches etc. 
Photos should only be taken from the same level as the intended subject and not from balconies, upper/lower floors, spectator areas. 
Appropriate photography is permitted in the following areas: the gym, group exercise classes, sports hall, spectator areas, corridors, coffee box, social areas, Berzerk and Lazergeddon 
Photography at private birthday parties. (It is for the hirer to seek consent from all parents and subjects.) 
Photos and / or video recording taken for publicity purposes by Trilogy Active - following verbal (over 18s) or written consent (Trilogy Photography Consent Form) from the subject(s). 

What’s Not Allowed? 

Public photography is explicitly BANNED at all times and under any circumstances in: 
All changing areas 
In all health suites including sauna, sunbed, steam room, plunge pool 
In swimming pools and images of the swimming pools and their surrounds 
All toilet areas 
In the Forum Cinema, whilst the cinema adverts, trailers or film screening to include film soundtrack is playing. 
Unauthorised photography where the subject(s) is not aware of and/or has not given their full and informed consent. 
No camera, video camera, sound recording equipment or other photographic apparatus may be brought onto the premises for commercial purposes without advance written permission from Trilogy Active. 
Trilogy Active may on demand have access to customer photographs and video footage and request that certain photographs and/or footage are deleted if they are deemed to be offensive to or infringe the privacy of other customers and/or staff. 
Customers are encouraged to bring to the attention of staff any photography which is unauthorised or inappropriate in their opinion. 

All Bookings Including Sports Club Bookings/Block Bookings 

Photography at during sports club bookings or block bookings must adhere to the Trilogy Active Photography Policy. (It is for the hirer to seek consent from all parents and subjects.) 
All bookings including Sports Clubs must adhere to the Trilogy Active Photography Policy as it is part of the terms and conditions of the booking. 

Approaching Customers 

This is a sensitive area, which has the potential to upset and offend customers. 
Any customer found using photographic equipment in unauthorised areas/activities is politely and sensitively dealt with on the assumption that their motives are entirely innocent and that they are genuinely unaware of the rules. Staff awareness is crucial to the success of these control measures. 
When a member of staff identifies a customer with a camera or mobile phone in unauthorised areas/activities, they bring it to the attention of the Duty Manager immediately. 
Awareness training is included in the annual training plan and forms part of the induction. 
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