Abs Blast

A fun packed 30 minutes designed to tone, build and strengthen the abdominal muscles. Abs Blast uses various skills and techniques to target the core muscles; including floor routines, full body stretches and fast-paced exercises.


This interval-based class combines body weight strength training with high intensity cardio bursts designed to blast fat, improve your endurance and get you in ultimate shape.

Spin Fit & Spin Fit Express

A high-energy workout on our Technogym spinning bikes, this is a great way to burn calories and increase energy levels! Classes take place in our air conditioned studio with a variety of instructors. Normal classes are 45 minutes long, Express classes are 30 minutes at the same intensity levels but shorter for those with less time to spare.

Dance Fit

Party yourself into shape with dance fit , an easy to follow, calorie burning dance fitness party!





A relaxing experience using Dru Yoga techniques to increase muscle tone, flexibility and suppleness through a series of stretching exercises and controlled breathing.


A high energy workout that is great for all round fitness. A series of exercises at various stations designed to target different areas of the body and muscles using both aerobic and anerobic training.

Body Conditioning

Combines strength and flexibility training using barbells.


This fun and lively aerobic workout with easy to follow routines on the step is great for all round fitness and coordination.

Hips, Bums, Thighs & Tums

This floor based class tones the above muscle groups building and maintaining strength in the core muscles.

Walking for Health

Beginners Wednesday 2.15 -3.15pm

Our walks are free,fun and friendly, an excellent way to help you get active and meet new people.

Just come along to Belper Leisure Centre a few minutes early so that our trained walk leaders can take your details. Then you're free to take part as often as you like.


This all over body workout concentrates on strengthening the core postural muscles which keep the body balanced and provide essential support for the spine.

Body Sculpt

An all over body sculpting class using free weights and your body weight to complete a series of exercises to tone the whole body.

Punch Fit

A high intensity boxing for fitness class. A great class for those wanting to lose weight, tone up, increase cardio fitness and have fun! All abilities welcome. Please note cotton glove inserts must be worn and are available to purchase from the class instructor.


Moderate impact is a lower intensity and suitable for older people or health referrals.

Fit Aqua & Jog Aqua

Fit Aqua is a non weight bearing class that uses the resistance of the water and special pool weights to tone the body. Non-swimmers welcome, this class in in the shallow end of the pool.


Jog Aqua uses the help of a buoyancy belt to keep the user upright in the water and helps build cardio fitness by using the resistance of the water to provide a brilliant non weight bearing work out for the whole body. Recommended for those with joint problems. Please note classes are held in the deep end of the pool (max 2m depth).

Fitness Yoga

Improve your flexibility in just eight weeks with this new class which incorporates deep stretch yoga postures and pilates exercises.

*Not suitable for those diagnosed with back or joint problems or those who are pregnant


A varied class that breaks down into three 20 minute blocks. The first 20 minutes is on spin bikes, followed by 20 minutes of step aerobics and finished by 20 minutes of body conditioning.